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زهرة لبنان
Zahrat lebnan

Global Towers, Electra Street,Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Global Towers, Electra Street,Abu Dhabi, UAE
Profile : Known as one of Abu Dhabi's culinary milestones since 1986, Zahrat Lebnan Restaurant has been serving authentic Lebanese cuisine and we have been a pioneer in the food and juice market for over 30 years as we opened our first store in the Abu Dhabi Tourist Club. Having been in the market for more than three decades, we can say that Zahrat Lebanon has become a restaurant frequented by citizens, expatriates and tourists, and we have 6 retail establishments in key locations in Abu Dhabi and has become the restaurant of choice for the public in the region. Business Category : Food & Drink Business Activity : Restaurants Phone No : 600500502 Fax No : 600500502 P.O.Box : 111188 Other Phone : 600500502 Country (E) : United Arab Emirates Country (A) : United Arab Emirates City (E) : Abu Dhabi City (A) : Abu Dhabi Address (E) : Global Towers, Electra Street,Abu Dhabi, UAE Address (A) : Global Towers, Electra Street,Abu Dhabi, UAE E Mail : info@zahratlebnan.ae Business Activity : Arabic Restaurants in Abu Dhabi Arabic Grills, BBQ, Kabab Lebanese Shawarma and Manakish Family Friendly, Kids meals restaurants Arabic Grills, BBQ, Kabab Lebanese cuisine in abu dhabi Lebanese Cold Mezza Grill and Shawarma Lebanese Shawarma Lebanese Cuisine best restaurant in khalidiya lebanese restaurant in abu dhabi Best lebanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi lebanese food in abu dhabi Lebanese lamb chops and grills Best Shwarama and sandwich in abu dhabi Best Grills, Chicken Grills, Mixed Grills, Shish Tawouk etc. in abu Arabic Cuisine Best BBQ, Grills, Kababs, Tikka in abu dhabi Best manakisn in abu dhabi Best restuarants in maroor abu dhabi Best Fattah in Abu Dhabi Best Falafel in Abu Dhabi Dine and Shisha, Hookah Best Hookah, Shisha in Abu Dhabi Fresh Juicies, avocado, Breakfast restaurant

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