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Dubai hills, Maple 2 Dubai UAE
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Dubai hills, Maple 2 Dubai UAE
Profile : TAJRID is a luxury brand by an Award winning designer, inspired by urbanism, values of urbanity and authentic Arabian culture. The core brand spirit is based on abstracting big concepts or complicated phenomenas into fine artsy expressions carrying deep inspiring messages. Its contemporary style and high quality makes its products perfect for residential, hospitality and office environments. Our style maintains an authentic cultural identity deeply rooted in urban values and themes. We are specialized in designing state-of-art decor accessories: artworks, finely crafted furniture, and designer gift items. It is based in Dubai, but ships internationally. Each piece is genuine and unique. Our products value urban sophistication, culture, courteousness and civility. We treat our products as artworks in the attention given to the message carried by them through careful thought of details and materiality. Tajrids’ products can be found on our website, instagram profile, exhibitions in Dubai, and seasonal pop ups in flagship stores. We aim to meet clients needs by customizing the choice of materials and finishes. Each piece is designed to inspire refined urbanity and beyond! Complete your space with high quality, artistic, inspiring statement pieces! Main Business Category : Business Services Main Business Activity : Professional Services Business Activity : Select..., Select... Phone Number : Fax : P.O.Box : Other Phone : Country (E) : United Arab Emirates Country (A) : United Arab Emirates City (E) : Dubai City (A) : Dubai Address (E) : Dubai hills, Maple 2 Dubai UAE Address (A) : Dubai hills, Maple 2 Dubai UAE E Mail : Business Activity :

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