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Apricot Towers - 904 9th Floor - Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai
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Apricot Towers - 904 9th Floor - Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai
Profile : BNBC Building Contracting relies on the demand for engineering and construction services that support gross fixed capital formation. The Group has a clear strategy of using it’s collective skills and understanding of markets to develop a unique value proposition to clients. Main Business Category : Property Main Business Activity : Warehouses Business Activity : , Phone Number : Fax : P.O.Box : Other Phone : Country (E) : United Arab Emirates Country (A) : United Arab Emirates City (E) : DUBAI City (A) : DUBAI Address (E) : Apricot Towers - 904 9th Floor - Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai Address (A) : Apricot Towers - 904 9th Floor - Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai E Mail : Business Activity : STRUCTURAL REHABILITATION The majority of repairs during a building’s service life are minor and a part of planned maintenance. Yet, despite best efforts, structural elements, components, or systems sometimes perform inadequately, deteriorate, or fail. Contact us for - Back Propping - Reinforcement - Grouting - Injections INDUSTRIAL BUILDING CONCRETE The entire building is erected with precast concrete elements, starting with the foundation, the columns, beams, and walls. We are Experienced and Specialised in Warehouses - Cooling Plants - Compressor - Substations UNDERGROUND SERVICES, EARTH WORK If you are digging or disturbing the earth you should take care to avoid damaging underground services. Contact with underground services can be deadly, and expensive. Buried services are a major construction site hazard, particularly in excavation work. And We are the Trained Experts for - Trenches - Duct banks - Road Works - Excavations - All Kind of Pavement STEEL STRUCTURE ERECTIONS We excel at detailed planning and coordination between our clients, our shops, our field teams, our subcontractors, and other trades. Construction is accomplished efficiently, safely, and successfully, in terms of both time and money. We are Experts in: - Peb- Hot Rolled -All types of Claddings - Walls Erections

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