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naser masjid yousuf baker road deira dubai
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naser masjid yousuf baker road deira dubai
Profile : LETS SELL BEST IN CONDITION USED ITEMS FROM HOME LIKE SOFA GUEST TABLE Also we have been in the used furniture buyer market for long time. Indeed we know you do not have budget to buy a new bed, sofa or dining table for your home needs as what you will find at our used furniture shop that we have all the used home items which are used but looks new. Keeping best used home sofa, beds, TV table, Dining table our customers buy from us all almost new items which they say its cheap used items but looks new. This is how we have helped most of newly entered expects in UAE or the residents of UAE buy selling them almost new furniture. As you know used items will always be cheaper in rates and in budget for you. So hurry up to buy best from our stop before it goes bought by some one else… ALL WE HAVE ITEMS YOU NEED LIKE GUEST TABLE SEAT SOFA | USED FURNITURE BUYER Although at first we have got some idea’s what we keep at our store, But some of them are an example here in our photo sliders. Therefore you can take an example of what quality stuff we keep at our store which is likely new and you can still use of for long time. Furniture buy sale uae have never sold items that are obs-elite by some one and is not more to use. Hence we have a designated storage area where we keep all these under coverage and keep it secure to not let it get dusty and keep it look new as it is bought from our customers. Thus the company is used furniture buyer in UAE LOCATION naser masjid yousuf baker road deira dubai CONTACT US Phone : +971 52 856 3888 Email : OUR HOURS MON-FRI 09:00 – 19:00 SAT-SUN 10:00 – 14:00 Main Business Category : Manufacturing & Industry Main Business Activity : Furniture Business Activity : , Phone Number : 0528563888 Fax : 0528563888 P.O.Box : 111311 Other Phone : 0528563888 Country (E) : United Arab Emirates Country (A) : United Arab Emirates City (E) : Dubai City (A) : Dubai Address (E) : naser masjid yousuf baker road deira dubai Address (A) : naser masjid yousuf baker road deira dubai E Mail : Business Activity : WHO WE ARE We are Used furniture buyers in UAE and are also seller of Old used items. We have a big collection to sale and have alot to buy from you when you are leaving your home or moving to new place where you can not take all what you have at your home. “the best décor items for your home, office and commercial place..” Specifically where’s The Best Place To Sell Your Second-Hand Stuff? In UAE we are the best only place where you can select the best décor items for your home, office and commercial place. In the same way WE ARE HERE TO SERVICE OUR CUSTOMERS…AND SERVICE THEM WELL. FurniturebuysaleUAE has been buying and selling furniture since 1981. Customers rely on us for Professional, Reliable, and Competitive Service. Although we understand that you need used furniture for your home delivered quickly and reliably. Thus the company help you simplify your life as you go through any transition. Also we make the process easy and simple for you. Similarly our management team is highly qualified and skilled, specializing in personalized, immediate service, with qualifications of more than 30 years at senior executive levels of management in several major U.S. corporations and more than 20 years of management experience in the furniture rental business. Thus this team knows that you need fast and reliable service with the finest furnishings and accessories available. Furthermore you are staging a home for quick sale, creating a perfect oasis for a visiting senior executive, or furnishing a large apartment complex, you can count on McGuire Furniture Rental and Sales to be responsive, flexible and professional.

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