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Lightning Arresters — A must for every home/office/industry to Stay Safe
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Profile : Lightning Arresters are the new lifeline of today's world owing to the unprecedented thunderbolts and lightning taking place across the world now and then. It's not that Lightning didn't happen in earlier days, but nowadays, the frequency and the intensity of lightning strikes have grown exponentially to draw immediate attention and install prompt lightning protection systems to save oneself and one's property from the menace of lightning strikes. The climatic changes and global warming have made it mandatory for us to safeguard ourselves and our property from uncontrolled natural calamities, which we cannot control but can only safeguard ourselves in one way or another. Arresters are of two types Conventional Lightning Arresters and ESE Lighting Arresters. Here, we will be giving you an in-depth idea of both. Stay with us! Conventional Lightning Arresters: Conventional lightning arresters are solid rods or hollow pipes with a pointed top or 4-5 spikes on the top to make the lightning strike in its near vicinity fall over it rather than somewhere else. These Lightning Arresters are connected to the ground earthing with down conductors to immediately ground the lightning current into the earth without allowing it to do any damage in the surroundings. In this way, lives, structures, and other objects which come under the protective cover of the lightning arrester, stay safe from the lightning strikes. Conventional lightning arresters are commonly available as Copper Lightning Arresters or Aluminum Lightning Arresters. These conventional lightning arresters protect approximately a 10-15 meter radius of the surrounding area of the installed lightning arrester. ESE Lightning Arresters are modern Lightning arresters that have a wide area of protection coverage from 35 mtrs to 107 mtrs of the radius of their installation. These ESE lightning arresters are the most commonly used lightning protection system nowadays. The ESE Lightning arresters work on the ionization principle. When there is stormy/cloudy weather, the ESE Lightning Arresters start emitting ions in the environment. These released ions rise upwards, and wherever they meet the down leader coming down from the clouds towards the ground, the arrester pulls it towards it and grounds it to the installed earthing system. In this manner, it protects the surroundings in two ways: by catching the lightning-down leaders in the initial stages when they are weaker and harmless and, secondly, by working in a wider protective coverage. Lightning Protection System: The Lightning arresters themselves in isolation, cannot provide any sort of protection unless they are installed properly as per the engineered Lightning Protection System with a proper Chemical Earthing System connected to the Lightning Arrestes via Copper Earthing Strips or GI Earthing Strips. This Lightning Protection System is designed on the latest lightning protection system design specially designed software in line with Latest International Standards, including UNE 21 186, NFC 17–102, and NFPA 780. True Power, India's No.1 Chemical Earthing and Lightning Arresters company, manufactures, supplies, exports, designs, and installs Conventional and ESE Lightning Protection Systems across PAN India and selected countries. True Power Conventional Lightning Arresters are manufactured in line with IEC 62561 part I & IEC 62305 with 99.99% Pure Copper procured from the best global suppliers, while True Power's ESE Lightning Arresters are manufactured in line with UNE 21 186, NFC 17–102, and NFPA 780. With more than a Lakh Lightning Protection Systems working successfully for decades, True Power has become the First Choice in Chemical Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems. True Power Products are RDSO approved, UL Listed, RoHS Certified, and have more than 50 approvals to their credit from Central and State Govt. authorities and depts. True Power Lightning Protection Systems are installed in a wide spectrum of applications including Research & Data Centers, Hospitals, Military Installations, Residential buildings & complexes, Commercial places, Ministries, Govt. offices and residences, Oil & Gas Projects, Religious structures, Monuments and a lot of other places to discuss here all. True Power otherwise is in 8 different electrical verticals namely: Chemical Earthing, Lightning Arresters, Solar Panels, Transformers, Module Mounting Structures, Fans, Geysers, Wires & Cables. With 3 State-of-the-art manufacturing setups, 1000+ Employees, 22 Branch offices, 40 Service Centers, and a renowned brand image across the Globe, today True Power has become a every household name. Talk to us today and install a well-designed True Power Lighting Protection System at your place to safeguard yourself, your family, your property, and your nearby surroundings. Main Business Category : Manufacturing & Industry Main Business Activity : Industrial Services Business Activity : Business Services, Professional Services Phone Number : 8318455691 Fax : P.O.Box : Other Phone : 8318455691 Country (E) : India Country (A) : India City (E) : Noida City (A) : Noida Address (E) : D 242, Sector 63 Rd, D Block, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301 Address (A) : D 242, Sector 63 Rd, D Block, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301 E Mail : Business Activity : Earthing Electrode,Maintenance Free Earthing Electrode,Copper Bonded Earthing Electrode,Copper Bonded Electrode,Pure Copper Earthing Electrode,Copper Earthing Electrode,GI Earthing Electrode,,Maintenance Free Electrode Earthing,Chemical Earthing,Lightning Arresters,ESE Lightning Arrester,Conventional Lightning Arrester,Lightning Protection System,Copper Lightning Arrester,Earthing Pit Cover,Polyplastic Earth Pit Cover,FRP Earth Pit Cover,Earthing Pit Cover,Earth Pit,FRP Earth Pit Chamber,Copper Electrode,Earthing Equipment & Accessories,Back Fill Compounds, chemical earthing electrode manufacturer,copper bonded electrode,copper bonded rods,pure copper earthing electode,gi chemical electrode,manufacturers and suppliers,earth electrode,earth pit cover,backfill compound,lightning arrester,GI earthing strips,suger arrester,earthing products,installation of earthing products,grounding accessories,copper terminal,inner strips,chemical compounds

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