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‘‘+27720404824’’ Women’s Clinic in Kagiso, Krugersdorp, Bellville, Cape Town, Randfontein, Pretoria, Durban, Rustenburg South Africa

Human St, Krugersdorp
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Profile : ‘‘+27720404824’’ Dr. Mike Women’s Clinic and Abortion Clinic For Termination of Pregnancy services, Pregnancy Termination Pills For Sale, Abortion Pills for sale, womb cleaning pills and pain free Abortion services. We have the best Doctors you can trust. This women's abortion clinic offers same day services that are safe, tested pills and pain free. * Best Women's Clinic * Pregnancy Termination Services * Abortion Clinic Services * Termination of Pregnancy Pills * Abortion Pills for sale * Termination of Pregnancy Services * Womb Cleaning Pills for sale * Pregnancy Termination pills. We use approved and tested pills which are administered by our registered and experienced medical professional Experts to ensure that your abortion is safe, quick and no after side effects. Our main goal is to prevent unwanted pregnancies to enable women have children by choice. We also offer pregnancy testing and a full range of other services like treatment of pelvic pain and heavy periods. We sell and deliver abortion pills to clients who are far from our clinics and to those who wish to undertake the termination process in comfort of their homes. We treat our clients with a distinctive care and respect. We respect the confidentiality of all patients' interactions if you choose to include your spouse, partner, friend or family in your visit to our clinics we will welcome their participation and address any concern that they may have. Be assured that our professional expertise will provide privacy and confidential treatment and will support you all way through. For more information Call/WhatsApp Dr. MIKE ‘‘+27720404824’’ Or visit our websites: email Us :- “WE HELP AND DO DELIVERIES TO ALL PEOPLE AROUND SOUTH AFRICA”. Main Business Category : Health & Beauty Main Business Activity : Gynecologist Business Activity : , Phone Number : +27720404824 Fax : P.O.Box : 1739 Other Phone : +27720404824 Country (E) : South Africa Country (A) : South Africa City (E) : Krugersdorp City (A) : Krugersdorp Address (E) : Human St, Krugersdorp Address (A) : Human St, Krugersdorp E Mail : Business Activity : Abortion Pills for Sale, Best Abortion Clinic, Best Care Women's Clinic, Cleaning Pills, Pregnancy Termination Services, Termination of Pregnancy Pills, Termination pills, Women's Clinic, Safe Abortion Pills for Sale in Krugersdorp, Best Women's Clinic in Krugersdorp, Best Abortion Clinic in Krugersdorp, Best Abortion Clinic in Bellville Cape Town South Africa, Best Women's Clinic in Bellville Cape Town South Africa, Safe Abortion Pills For Sale in Bellville Cape Town South Africa,

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