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Profile : Trusted Teller is a team focused on astrology, Numerology, Tarot cards, Horoscope, Kundli making and others, encircling our spiritual life as well as the real life. We are highly determined and devoted to reach out to people with free daily horoscope, a vivid and detailed consultation with the renowned astrologers, psychic abilities of tarot readers, which have been reviewed as an appropriate reading by many clients worldwide. We also deal in rituals such as Sankat Nashann Ganapati Strotam, Vastu puja, etc. Products such as, Essential oils, Yantras, Gemstones, Perfumes are one of the precious collection that has been researched and then created with proper herbs and roots that are beneficial to the world, as they are organic in nature. Yantras have been cleansed and rituals have performed by saints with days of worship and prayers. The gemstones of Trusted Teller are purely authentic and bears the resemblance of positivity when put on. They spread light, cleanses our aura and brightens up, lifting our soul with happiness. Main Business Category : Business Services Main Business Activity : Others Business Activity : , Phone Number : 09899877956 Fax : P.O.Box : 110005 Other Phone : 09899877956 Country (E) : India Country (A) : India City (E) : New Delhi City (A) : New Delhi Address (E) : 6/20 wea Address (A) : 6/20 wea E Mail : Business Activity : What does Trusted Teller offer? Trusted Teller firmly believes in dedication and determination about delivering the accurate information of an individual’s life. We are very precise about the fact that we provide adequate details and products that does justice to a person’s life and brings them peace. What is our Idea behind? We give in a very generous and humble idea of connecting to people who are really in need of a peace of mind and soul. Without a proper calmness in the soul, a person trembles to take important decisions in life. We made a way for them to choose a right track, through our daily philosophy that takes them to successful heights of Life. Your worries for love, relationship, finance, career and importantly, your lifestyle is important to us and this is the perfect stop, from where your life changes into a better one, starting from today. We would love to serve you

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