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Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co.,Ltd.

656 North Taoyuan Road, Ninghai,Zhejiang, 315600 P.R.China
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656 North Taoyuan Road, Ninghai,Zhejiang, 315600 P.R.China
Profile : Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co,Ltd was established in 1985. It is one of leading enterprises in the industry of warehouse material handling equipment. As a famous Custom Pallet Jacks Manufacturers and Pallet Jacks Factory in China, our Products line covers more than 500 types, including Manual/Electric pallet trucks, Manual/Electric stacker, Reach truck, Pallet Jacks, Order pickers, Lift table, Tractor and Forklifts, which capacity from 500kgs to 10,000kgs. Our market covers more than 135 countries and regions all over the world. Main Business Category : Food & Drink Main Business Activity : Supermarkets Business Activity : , Phone Number : 0086-571-87153634 Fax : P.O.Box : Other Phone : 0086-571-87153634 Country (E) : United Arab Emirates Country (A) : United Arab Emirates City (E) : zhejiang City (A) : zhejiang Address (E) : 656 North Taoyuan Road, Ninghai,Zhejiang, 315600 P.R.China Address (A) : 656 North Taoyuan Road, Ninghai,Zhejiang, 315600 P.R.China E Mail : Business Activity : DELUXE SERIES REACH TRUCK Lithium battery capacity: 24V/20AH. Ruyi handle with bully switch. High quality emergency switch ( as key switch). Split rocker arm makes the equable stress in order to keep the long-time using. Driving wheel with horizontal mounted motor, convenience to maintain. External battery charger connector, can be charged separately even the battery were used out Single fork roller. style="width: 50%;" Big battery capacity: 24V/30AH(LITHIUM) Entry roller Double fork roller Over the past 37 years, Ningbo Ruyi has order picker Manufacturers constantly upgraded its production techniques and adhered to the principle of “quality first”, with an aim to make every products perfect.

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