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Profile : Product Introduction EnerMax-C&I On Grid Battery Storage System (allowing for off rid connection too) adopts distributed layout design, which integrates the energy storage batteries, battery management system (BMS), fire-proof system, temperature control system, power distribution module, access control system, and water immersion system into an independent outdoor cabinet. Product Features 鈼?Distributed layout and centralized layout both supported 鈼?Strong environmental adaptability with IP54 protection level 鈼?Support for multi-cabinet parallel connection based on product modular design 鈼?Fast deployment: easy to install, operate and maintain 鈼?Improved space usage with small footprint 鈼?Imbedded with 2-level fire-proof system for enhanced system safety 鈼?Accurate temperature control Battery Cabinet The battery cabinet consists of 15 battery modules (51.2V280Ah) connected in series with an integrated main control box. The nominal voltage of the battery rack is 768V and the capacity is 280Ah. The main parameters of the battery rack are listed in the following table. NO.ItemParametersRemarks 1Nominal capacity280Ah@25C 0.25C Discharge 2Nominal voltage768V 3Nominal energy215kWh 4Maximum depth of discharge鈮?0% 5ChargingMax.continuous charging current140A (0.5C) Charge cut-off voltage852V 6DischargeMax. continuous discharge current140A (0.5C) Discharge cut-off voltage696V 7Dimensions [W*D*H]950*1500*2200mm 8Permissible range of charging temperature0锝?5掳CThe battery cabinet is in the process of being charged Battery and ambient temperature not exceeding 45掳C 9Permissible range of discharge temperature-20锝?0掳CBattery cabinets at specified temperatures Works properly within the range, capacity loss within the margin of error 10Optimum working temperature range20锝?0掳C 11Storage humidity60卤25% R.H. 12Cooling methodsForced air cooling 13Communication methodsCAN2.0 14Weight锝?950kg 15Protection classIP54 Battery Cabinet Installation and Use Precaution Distributed battery cabinets belong to high-voltage energy storage equipment, which is a hazardous material, non-professional and improper operation and use may cause electric shock, combustion, explosion and other serious consequences. The installation and maintenance of the battery cabinet must be operated by professional and technical personnel, and the use must strictly comply with the relevant safety regulations. Non-professionals are strictly prohibited from installing and maintaining battery cabinets as well as over-range abuse. Note: COSLINK will not be responsible for any damage to the battery or other losses caused by not using the battery in accordance with the specified requirements or using it beyond the specified scope. Connection of Battery Cabinet Since the battery cabinet works in a high-voltage and high-current environment (up to 900V), the safe and reliable wiring connections need to meet the following basic requirements. (1) Connection cable to meet the 1000V DC voltage, instantaneous current 300A, continuous current 150A use requirements. (2) Each connection must be safe and reliable, to ensure that there will be no loose, false contact problems, contact resistance close to 0, the connector must have corrosion resistance, wear resistance, anti-vibration function. (3) Various connections must meet the requirements of the relevant national standards, to prevent various forms of arc discharge. (4) The connection between internal batteries must have anti-vibration and anti-loosening devices, temperature, voltage and current sensor connections also need to be safe and reliable to prevent loosening, aging and extrusion.It is strictly forbidden to have any exposed metal in each induction line. (5) Strictly prevent any form of short circuit in the process of connection. (6) operators are strictly prohibited from unarmed operation without protective equipment. (7) All connections must be made under clear guidance, and any form of guesswork and vague attempts to work in this manner are strictly prohibited. (8) The key points of the connection : to ensure that the connection is correct, reliable (will not come loose), good contact (no contact resistance or very little contact resistance), and no short circuit. (9) After the connection is completed, it must be measured and confirmed point by point. (10) All connection points must ensure that no contact with the outer box or other components, short circuit. (11) If there are other uncertainties, professionals must be consulted to confirm before implementation.Customized Commercial & Industrial ESS website: Main Business Category : Public & Social Services Main Business Activity : Childrens Services Business Activity : Finances & Insurance, Insurance Services Phone Number : Fax : P.O.Box : Other Phone : Country (E) : United Arab Emirates Country (A) : United Arab Emirates City (E) : City (A) : Address (E) : Address (A) : E Mail : Business Activity :

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