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26 Broadway, Suite 934 New York, NY 10004
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26 Broadway, Suite 934 New York, NY 10004
Profile : Waredot about us The waredot globe We love working! We live to make your technological environment simplified & trouble-free with our designs, developments of software, applications & solutions for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. Our globe consists of creative, passionate teams, who continuously improvise daily to minimize issues of your technologies. Let’s travel to our heart of the globe. Our inbuilt values Passion We create user-friendly, worldly software. Creative We sketch, keeping you in our mind. Improvised We compare our today for your better tomorrow. Users You are the air we breath. Your future equals ours. Honesty We involve loyalty, fairness, sincerity in creating passion. Easy technological experience Now your experience in the technological environment is as easy as breathing. As our innovations, designs, passion join hands together to make everything simplified & unclouded that is the blue skies for the users. The imaginative folks Here’s how our Waredot globe folks think and achieve. We construct with every brick of keenness to make our users give the best experience in the world. Our creation is easy-usable and sophisticated software that eases the daily life of our users, making it simplified & convenient. Whatever we imagine and sketch it out, we keep your picture in mind. Our softwares are easy to understand & use, even for a non-technological user. We keep it that simple, effective & efficient! Our passion drives us to come up with more innovations and creativity without compromising zero percent of mistakes. We love working and improving our todays for your better tomorrows. We give the entire credibility to our beloved users and make sure to keep you at our priority. We do everything involving love, loyalty, fairness, sincerity in creating passion. We are very keen about what we are doing for a perfect result & gain your entire confidence. Main Business Category : Computers & Internet Main Business Activity : Computer Software Business Activity : , Phone Number : 8559107409 Fax : P.O.Box : 10004 Other Phone : 8559107409 Country (E) : United States Country (A) : United States City (E) : New York City (A) : New York Address (E) : 26 Broadway, Suite 934 New York, NY 10004 Address (A) : 26 Broadway, Suite 934 New York, NY 10004 E Mail : Business Activity :

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