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Profile : Welcome to the Brewster Transfer Station, a facility dedicated to the responsible management of waste in adherence to stringent environmental standards. Our establishment is committed to providing essential waste disposal services to the Brewster community while prioritizing sustainability and environmental stewardship. Commitment to Responsible Waste Disposal: At the Brewster Transfer Station, we take pride in upholding a steadfast commitment to responsible waste disposal practices. Our facility is meticulously designed to facilitate the efficient and environmentally conscious handling of various waste streams, ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines. Comprehensive Waste Management Services: Our offerings encompass a comprehensive array of waste management services, catering to the diverse needs of both residential and commercial clients. From general household waste to specialized industrial materials, the Brewster Transfer Station is equipped to manage and process a broad spectrum of waste categories. Environmental Compliance and Stewardship: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of environmental compliance and stewardship. The Brewster Transfer Station operates with a keen awareness of its ecological impact, implementing processes and protocols that prioritize the reduction of environmental harm. Our commitment extends to minimizing carbon footprint and fostering sustainable waste management practices. Educational Initiatives for Community Awareness: Recognizing the importance of community involvement, the Brewster Transfer Station actively engages in educational initiatives. These programs are designed to raise awareness among local residents and businesses about responsible waste disposal practices, environmental impact, and the collective role we play in building a sustainable community. Efficient Transfer Operations: Efficiency is paramount in our operations. The Brewster Transfer Station operates with state-of-the-art equipment and logistics to ensure the seamless transfer of waste materials. Our focus on efficiency not only streamlines waste management processes but also contributes to a reduction in operational emissions. Community Collaboration and Partnerships: We actively seek collaboration with local businesses, community organizations, and governmental entities to strengthen our collective efforts in sustainable waste management. By fostering partnerships, the Brewster Transfer Station aims to contribute to the broader goals of environmental sustainability within the community. Secure and Responsible Disposal Practices: Security and responsibility are integral aspects of our waste disposal services. The Brewster Transfer Station employs secure disposal practices for materials that require special handling, ensuring that potentially harmful substances are managed in a manner that safeguards both public health and the environment. Consider the Brewster Transfer Station your reliable partner in responsible waste management. Whether you are a resident in need of waste disposal services or a business seeking environmentally conscious solutions, we are dedicated to providing services that align with the highest standards of environmental responsibility. Main Business Category : Public & Social Services Main Business Activity : Environmental Services Business Activity : Select..., Select... Phone Number : 971-60-3124460 Fax : P.O.Box : Other Phone : 971-60-3124460 Country (E) : United Arab Emirates Country (A) : United Arab Emirates City (E) : Dubai City (A) : Dubai Address (E) : P.O Box 118386 Address (A) : P.O Box 118386 E Mail : Business Activity : 1. Waste Disposal Services: Brewster Transfer Station specializes in the efficient and responsible disposal of various waste streams. From household waste to industrial materials, our facility ensures that all waste is handled in compliance with environmental regulations, contributing to the reduction of ecological impact. 2. Recycling Programs: As proponents of sustainable practices, we operate robust recycling programs. Our facility encourages the responsible separation and recycling of materials such as paper, plastic, glass, and metals. Through these initiatives, we aim to divert recyclable materials away from landfills and promote the principles of a circular economy. 3. Secure Disposal for Hazardous Materials: Recognizing the importance of handling hazardous materials with utmost care, Brewster Transfer Station provides secure disposal services. We ensure that potentially harmful substances, such as electronic waste, chemicals, and other hazardous materials, are managed in compliance with safety protocols to safeguard public health and the environment. 4. Educational Workshops and Outreach: In our commitment to community engagement, Brewster Transfer Station offers educational workshops and outreach programs. These initiatives are designed to inform and empower local residents and businesses on responsible waste disposal practices, environmental impact, and the role each individual plays in building a sustainable community. 5. Efficient Transfer Operations: Our facility operates with cutting-edge equipment and logistics to streamline waste transfer operations. This efficiency not only ensures the timely and effective movement of waste materials but also contributes to a reduction in operational emissions, aligning with our commitment to environmental sustainability.

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