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Profile : At Ace Diving & Marine Services, we take pride in our experience and in our commitment to safety underwater and on deck. Our people average 10 years in the industry. Several of our people have played key leadership roles in the commercial dive industry and have lent their expertise to a number of industry testing and certification initiatives. We run an extensive training program of our own in order to offer you a workforce that is thoroughly educated in the dive services you require. Everything we do is focused on minimizing risk and getting the job done right. Our diver medics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) undergo an intensive course of training. The program addresses advanced airway and IV management, as well as diagnostic procedures for medical and diving emergencies, and with more than four decades of experience in full-service diving operations. We deliver first-class project management and consulting for your coastal and offshore projects that include comprehensive safety programs. Phone Number : +971 4 3605244 Fax : +971 4 3678890 P.O.Box : 391558 Other Phone : +971 4 3605244 Country (E) : United Arab Emirates Country (A) : United Arab Emirates City (E) : Dubai City (A) : Dubai Address (E) : PO BOX 391558 Dubai, UAE Address (A) : PO BOX 391558 Dubai, UAE E Mail : Business Activity : Marine Services: Whether you need a platform constructed, a pipeline inspected, or personnel moved offshore, ACE Diving & Marine Services can do the job. We offer a wide range of marine services, including fabrication design and construction, as well as turnkey project management. Whether the project calls for live-boating, a 4-point anchor vessel, or a dynamically-positioned dive support vessel, we have what it takes to get the job done. Call on ACE Diving & Marine Services for: Platform inspections Pipeline inspections Drilling support Production support Construction/construction support Diving: From inspections to welding or cutting, from shallow water to deep water, when you need work done underwater, ACE Diving & Marine Services can supply experienced professionals—tenders, divers, dive supervisors, diver medical technicians and other support personnel—who are dedicated to safety and getting the job done right. For maximum safety, we also have diver reclaim and hyperbaric rescue chamber capabilities. Our divers are certified graduates of Association of Commercial Diving Educators (ACDE) or IMCA commercial diving schools or the equivalent, and they also undergo our in-house safety and task training programs to enhance their skills. Our dive capabilities include: Air diving Mixed gas diving Platform/Pipeline: ACE Diving & Marine Services has a history of satisfying the needs of clients in the oil and gas industry. Our platform/pipeline capabilities include: Installation Maintenance Repair Construction Site clearance/salvage Clamp installation Pipeline integrity testing Well intervention Well abandonment and decommissioning Jetting services Tie-ins Pipeline Abandonment Underwater Inspection: ACE Diving & Marine Services provides the oil and gas industry and other clients with a wide range of underwater inspection and non-destructive testing services, including drilling rig, ship surveys, and offshore platform inspections. Personnel who conduct non-destructive examinations undergo rigorous certification training on inspection techniques and data recording s. Our underwater inspection capabilities include: Ultrasonics testing Magnetic particle testing Level II, III & IV platform inspections Non-destructive testing Underwater video Underwater photography Inspection reports Site surveys Underwater grit blasting Rig move surveys Site clearance verification Construction: With experienced, well-trained personnel and exceptional project managers, ACE Diving & Marine Services provides its clients high-quality construction services, from cutting and welding to installing hot taps and tying in high-pressure spool pieces, to setting concrete mats and more. We approach each project with a focus on safety, efficiency and client satisfaction. Our construction capabilities include: Riser installation/repair Subsea assembly installations Underwater welding Scour remediation Mat installation Anode installations Hot tap installation Pipeline barge support Derrick barge support Pipeline abandonment Pipeline burial Pipeline installation/repair Pipeline location Aqueducts Bridges Dams Harbors Hydroelectric facilities Marinas Marine facilities Outfalls Piers Piles Pipelines Ports Anchor cable installation Anode installations Concrete placement and repair Telecommunication and power cable installation Salvage: If you need to bring it up from the bottom, you need to call ACE Diving & Marine Services. We have the vessels and crew to do your heavy lifting.. Experienced, highly trained, safety-conscious crews can handle your biggest, most complex projects with ease. Our salvage capabilities include: Pipeline abandonment Platform removal Plugging and abandonment support Underwater burning Riser removal Site clearances Vessels Debris Ordinance Environmental Support: Working with hazardous materials requires special skills and safety procedures. From chemicals and biologicals to explosives, ACE Diving & Marine Services divers have the experience and training necessary to work with hazardous materials and in high-hazard diving mediums. Our environmental support capabilities include: Haz-mat removal and clean-up Site clearance verification Navigational hazard removal Our Marine Construction division primarily serves customers in the civil construction and engineering markets, including government, military and private sector needs. In addition to underwater construction, we work on other highly technical projects and tasks requiring customized underwater solutions. Our marine construction experience, with our expertise in both inland and offshore diving operations, gives us capabilities that are unparalleled in the industry. We bring together the resources to handle challenging projects with our project management, engineering, and fabrication abilities—anytime, anywhere. We're able to create custom solutions, from design and fabrication to implementation.

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