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Profile : Ceiling services encompass a wide range of solutions tailored to enhance the structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, and functional aspects of ceilings in various types of buildings, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. These services can include installation, repair, finishing, and maintenance of ceilings, catering to the specific needs and preferences of property owners. One of the primary offerings in ceiling services is the installation of new ceilings, which involves the selection of materials such as drywall, plaster, acoustic tiles, or even innovative eco-friendly options like recycled panels. Professionals in this field are skilled in installing different types of ceilings, including suspended ceilings, which are popular in commercial spaces for their ability to conceal wiring and plumbing while providing easy access for repairs. Another critical service is ceiling repair, which may be required due to damage from water leaks, structural issues, or simply age-related wear and tear. Repair services ensure the longevity and safety of the ceiling by addressing cracks, holes, and other imperfections. Additionally, ceiling services also involve decorative finishes, such as painting, texturing, or the installation of ornamental features, to enhance the visual appeal of the space. This can include sophisticated design elements like coffered or tray ceilings that add a touch of elegance and character. Maintenance of ceilings is also a crucial aspect of ceiling services, involving regular inspections and cleaning to prevent dust and mold accumulation, which can affect air quality and overall health. Furthermore, some service providers offer specialized solutions like soundproofing, which is essential in environments where noise reduction is crucial, such as in recording studios or offices located in noisy areas. By incorporating materials that absorb or block sound, ceiling services can significantly improve the acoustic performance of a room. Overall, professional ceiling services offer comprehensive solutions that not only ensure the structural integrity of buildings but also contribute to their aesthetic and functional enhancement. By employing the expertise of skilled professionals, property owners can maintain the beauty and durability of their ceilings, ensuring a safe and pleasant environment for all occupants. Main Business Category : Business Services Main Business Activity : Others Business Activity : Select..., Select... Phone Number : 971527062297 Fax : P.O.Box : N.A Other Phone : 971527062297 Country (E) : United Arab Emirates Country (A) : United Arab Emirates City (E) : Dubai City (A) : Dubai Address (E) : SDceilings LLC, Dubai, UAE Address (A) : SDceilings LLC, Dubai, UAE E Mail : Business Activity :

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