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Profile : Trusted Agents Based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi - ICCRC Gov. Registered Lawyers. Call Us Now! Canada PR Visa Consultants - UAE No.1 Visa Consultant Are you frustrated about getting your Canadian visa denied without knowing what the reason was? Let us breakdown some of the top 15 reasons for the refusal of a Canadian visa by our most reputed and experienced Novus Canada immigration consultants in Dubai. So that it would be easy for you to rectify the cause and solve the problem according to your visa refusal issues. Without further ado, let's jump into the topic. Impact Of COVID19 for Canada Immigration in Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, & Abu Dhabi - During the virus, outbreak visitors to Canada were refused entry due to Canada’s borders being closed. Now, international students, foreign workers, permanent residents, and citizens are still allowed to enter Canada. Family sponsorship applications are being processed as well. Even without the pandemic, visa rejection can be extremely frustrating as it can ruin your travel plans or work assignment. The visa application process can be complex and a lengthy task, if you do not understand the ins and outs of the immigration process. 15 reasons for refusal of a Canadian visa - There are various reasons for the rejection of a Canadian visa, it can be for work, study, immigrate, or travel in Canada. Visa Rejection for TRV - Most common grounds for refusal are economic conditions, employment, family ties, and travel history of the applicant. The other common reasons are, 1. The information in the travel and identity documents 2. The reason for your travel to Canada 3. The individuals contacts in Canada 4. Whether the individual is likely to respect the conditions of their admission to Canada 5. Whether the individual would be likely to leave Canada at the end of their period of stay. Visa Rejection for Study Permit - If an individual’s proposed studies are not reasonable in light of their qualifications, previous studies, mark sheets, academic record, and level of establishment, future prospects and plans, and/or language abilities they might be at the doorstep of their visa refusal. Other common reasons include- 6. The individual’s ability to pay for the trip, to pay tuition fees, admission fees, and to support themselves while in Canada 7. Whether the individual is likely to leave Canada after the period of their education in Canada. Visa Rejection for Work Permit - The applicant’s work experience and qualification play a vital role while applying for a work permit! Other common grounds for refusal of a Work Permit- 8. If the job specification and duties of one’s job don’t match the job offered by the employer, 9. If weaker ties to one’s country of residence have been identified or 10. If one fails to establish that at the end of their work permit, the applicant would be likely to leave in Canada. Visa Rejection for Spousal Sponsorship Here, individuals might not qualify for the International Mobility Program Public Policy as they might have not provided sufficient information that they are legally married to their inviter in Canada. 11. When the inviter who is already in Canada is ineligible to sponsor for your period of stay 12. If there is any misrepresentation in the application form such as the nature of the relationship, financial conditions, health and medical tests, character certificate, and other details. Visa rejection for Permanent Residence As a PR Visa is something that is not temporary, refusal can happen at any stage of the verification process. Higher refusal rates are for the reasons mentioned below- 13. When an individual is unable to show that he has enough proof of funds in the form of bank statements or bank certificates. 14. The individual must not have any history of criminal offenses committed in their home country. 15. Missing deadlines in the submission of documents can lead to your visa being rejected. Conclusion: Even if an individual’s Canadian Visa is rejected, they are welcome to reapply if they feel that they can respond to the concerns and can demonstrate that their situation meets the requirements. All new applications must be accompanied by a new processing fee. For queries, read more at Or Read more Canada Immigration News: or to get a Canada visit visa from Dubai, please feel free to visit to schedule a free consultation today! Happy Canada Immigration! Business Category : Legal Business Activity : Lawyers Phone No : +1-604-750-0704 Fax No : P.O.Box : Other Phone : +1-604-750-0704 Country (E) : United Arab Emirates Country (A) : United Arab Emirates City (E) : Dubai City (A) : Dubai Address (E) : 172th, Al Khaleej Rd Address (A) : 172th, Al Khaleej Rd E Mail : Business Activity :

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