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Profile : From the years of experience in Import Export and Brokerage services for several companies throughout, we can source and advice as well as take care of almost all food products for the needs of the specific business or private person/sector. Due to this, Soledòr has decided to break down all the variety of products that can be sourced to only some, of which always artisanal and necessary for the everyday cuisine of each family, restaurant, and many more. Soledòr top list of food products that can be supplied and sold to you are the following: 1) Artisanal Pasta products of top quality 100% Italian made durum wheat, 2) Artisanal, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian produce from our Apulian regions 3) Artisanal, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian produce with various blends and flavours such as, Garlic, Orange, Lemon, Basil, Mushroom, Chilly Pepper, Rosemary, Truffle. 4) All kinds of top quality Imported Spices- 5) Artisanal Vegetable Creams, Sauces and In Oil Products. 6) Special Snacks produced the Artisanal way. Soledòr is glad to present to you our availability in introducing its products whenever you feel the need for change in your sector of work food industry or even just for your personal usage. As a young and dynamic company, we try to strive each day to satisfy the clients request as much as possible, making the pride of the made in Italy stand out, in quality, service and price. We invite any request of serious Buyers & Importers, as well as Distributors. Main Business Category : Food & Drink Main Business Activity : Food Manufacturing Business Activity : , Phone Number : 3459578005 Fax : P.O.Box : Other Phone : 3459578005 Country (E) : Italy Country (A) : Italy City (E) : Palagianello City (A) : Palagianello Address (E) : Via Salvemini 76 Address (A) : Via Salvemini 76 E Mail : Business Activity : Our product lines are; 100 % Italian/Apulian Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Blended Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Almond Biological and Conventional, Dehydrated fruit with no added sugar, In-Oil products, Jams, Sauces (all biological and artisanal), Artisanal Pasta with Italian Durum Wheat 100 %, Italian Flour for all cooking. We do brokerage services too.

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