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Shasar Technical services

Office no S07 , Building V08 , International City, Dubai
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Office no S07 , Building V08 , International City, Dubai
Profile : Shasar Technical Services is a family founded building best Home Maintenance Services in Dubai and Maintenance Company Dubai. Our mandate is to provide quality service in a result-oriented fashion with a severe code of business conduct and complete transparency for our clients. Our staff and management have been in the market for a couple of years with rich knowledge about Dubai and the surrounding Emirates. We are a multicultural business that promotes diversity and originality in the workforce in order to attain common objectives. We provide best Home Maintenance Services in Dubai and are best Maintenance Company Dubai. Establishing a well-defined sphere in which distinct thoughts can be openly articulated in search of a coherent goal is crucial to cultivate a harmonious and receptive operating atmosphere that has allowed Shasar Technical Services to embrace numerous innovations. Fostering practical green techniques in the regular life of our customers is our social responsibility and fundamental belief. By adhering to three of our core principles, we have attempted to accomplish this. Business Category : Property Business Activity : Property Maintenance Phone No : 050 665 3 664 Fax No : P.O.Box : Other Phone : 050 665 3 664 Country (E) : United Arab Emirates Country (A) : United Arab Emirates City (E) : dubai City (A) : dubai Address (E) : Office no S07 , Building V08 , International City, Dubai Address (A) : Office no S07 , Building V08 , International City, Dubai E Mail : Business Activity : Air Conditioning We design, install and maintain air conditioning systems for demanding environments. Carpentry Services We provide a full carpentry service in UAE and when you use us, we guarantee carpentry to be proud of. Electrical Services We offer the best quality Electrical Services with our certified technicians across the UAE. 24/7 service available for Residential, Commercial or Industrial. Cleaning Services Today, we’re one among the best Cleaning Services firms in Dubai with goodish quantity of returning customers that reside in city. Painting Services We provide skilled painting services in Dubai. We’ve completed Home painting service and Villa painting service comes with a true specialise in client satisfaction. Plumbing If you’re having any problems with water, sewer or drain lines, we will quickly diagnose the matter and resolve it effectively and expeditiously. Shasar Tech has a team of skilled plumbers in Dubai. Floor Maintenance The type of flooring can bring a significant difference and outlook to place. It give an overall impact of the environment and cover 80% area of the viewpoint. Glass and Wooden Partitions There is modern touch to feel open plan your space with Glass and Wooden Partition with more privacy blinding do work. Shasar technical services are the provider of glass, wooden and gypsum work with highly qualified and competitive team. False Ceiling Shasar technical services is the company providing all kind of ceilings in your home of office. We are just a call away from you.

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