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Didroid Technologies WLL 5th Floor,Mashreq Bank Bu
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Didroid Technologies WLL 5th Floor,Mashreq Bank Bu
Profile : We manufacturer and supplier of wireless waiter call systems in Doha, backed by proficient experts, we can provide the finest quality wireless calling system to our customers. In restaurants with waiter service, pagers are set on the tables where guests eat their meals. In our waiter call system, pager comes with a metal clip, two manager buttons with durable design, LED pager number facilities, unique system ID and long lasting quality with easy rechargeable batteries. Increase your service and revenue by using a waiter calling system and deal with the latest frameworks of modern technology, which effectively eliminates the problems of waiter and customer service. Our wireless guest calling system in Doha gives your guests an easy way to call for help just through a button press. We provide our guest call system with the features of elegance, robustness, reliability and no limitations to the range of communication. You can give your customer a high quality service with an experience. To interact with your customers in a proper way, we provide the best restaurant pager system in Doha, with affordable prices and extensive quality which increases the comfort of guests. Our systems offer reliable, and cost effective paging solutions. Call button system is ideal for using new features and capabilities. In Doha, we have gained more than many years experience in the SOLT button call system. The system is designed with latest frameworks and the system saves staff time and customer time. Explore a large range of call button systems and create a good customer and staffconnection. We are dedicated to the design and manufacture of button systems. Each System is designed to surpass the traditional routine and to make every Industry a top notch one for the modern world. Main Business Category : Business Services Main Business Activity : Business to Business Business Activity : , Phone Number : 031287543 Fax : 0000 P.O.Box : 23839 Other Phone : 031287543 Country (E) : United Arab Emirates Country (A) : United Arab Emirates City (E) : Doha City (A) : Doha Address (E) : Didroid Technologies WLL 5th Floor,Mashreq Bank Bu Address (A) : Didroid Technologies WLL 5th Floor,Mashreq Bank Bu E Mail : Business Activity : waiter paging system wireless waiter calling system Staff paging system hospital paging system waiter calling system call button system

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